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Business Dissolution in Nashville

business-dissolutionThere are countless reasons why you might be inclined to dissolve your business. Many cases are not even the result of of failure – simply the inclination to pursue better commercial opportunities. However, regardless of why you’re considering business dissolution, you always need to make sure that you have cautiously prepared a plan for such actions. What you certainly don’t want is for liability to follow you even after your business has closed – and good legal representation is available to prevent this from happening.

Reasons for Dissolving a Business

It’s unfortunate, but there are often cases in which business owners are forced to close their companies against their wishes. The capitalist environment in which businesses exist sometimes makes it so – there are countless external factors which could cause problems leading to inevitable business dissolution. But this isn’t always the situation. Just as often, the process and decisions behind business dissolution are entirely at the discretion of those involved. It might be done for mutual benefit between commercial entities, or simply toward the profit of the business owner seeking dissolution. Some of the most common situations involve:

  • Fiduciary obligations: It sometimes happens that parties in charge of fiduciary concerns are accused of unjust practices. Theses situations are referred to as “breaches of fiduciary duty.” Victims of such circumstances may be individuals seeking justice from these types of offenders, or persons defending themselves from accusations on these grounds.
  • Minority shareholder issues: There are several things that can go wrong for minority shareholders who have an unfair advantage in business dealings. Examples include but aren’t limited to self-dealings, freeze outs, abuse on behalf of major shareholders, and unequal compensation.
  • Corporate injustices: The word “corporate” doesn’t carry the connotation of “hungry economic entity” for no reason. There are those who use the power of a corporate to pursue unfair business practices against shareholders and other individuals involved in businesses by manipulating their positions.
  • Disputed business dissolutions: It happens all the time – disagreements surface between partners and shareholders involved in a business in regards to how the company should be run, or if it should continue to run at all. Such contested dissolutions are often cause for legal representation.

Hire Nashville Business Attorneys

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of lawyers has years of experience working with clients in countless varieties of business dissolution circumstances. Regardless of what type of business you qualify as, we know the best possible routes of pursuing swift and financially beneficial dissolutions. It doesn’t have to be a stressful process – call or go online today, and set up your Free Initial Consultation. A highly trained attorney is ready and waiting to hear your situation and do whatever it takes to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

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