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Theft and Property Crimes

nashville theft and property crimesTheft Offenses|Turner Law Offices, P.C.

Theft is a property crime, and is one of the most complex and far-reaching charges in Tennessee criminal law today. Theft runs the gamut from stealing a candy bar from at the neighborhood grocery store to embezzling millions of dollars from an employer. Frequently burglary and identity theft crimes are classified as theft related offenses.

Theft of Property Defined

Theft of property, or theft offenses, include the following general categories:

  • Petty theft (Misdemeanor theft): -such as shoplifting or stealing something under $500
  • Grand theft (Felony theft) – taking larger items of personal property over $500
  • Embezzlement – Using fraudulent bookkeeping or accounting practices or outright theft of money from an employer or third person
  • Burglary – breaking into a home or business with the intent of stealing
  • Auto theft -Stealing a person’s vehicle without owner’s permission
  • Joyriding- Taking a vehicle without the owner’s permission
  • Receipt of stolen property – Accepting property known by you to be stolen for the purpose of selling it or using it as your own
  • Identity theft – Stealing or misappropriating information about another person to be used for improper purposes. This can be done physically as stealing a credit card or digitally as hacking into a computer
  • Forgery – Defrauding another person by altering or signing a document or instrument

Penalties for Theft of Property

Conviction of a theft related offense subjects a person to jail time, fine and full restitution, i.e. repayment, of the amounts taken. Additionally, there is a stigma attached to theft crimes, and people convicted of theft offenses frequently find it difficult to obtain employment in the future.  If the amount taken is less than $500, the theft is classified as a Class A Misdemeanor.  If the amount is over $500, the theft is classified as a felony, and the potential time in prison is based on the amount taken.

Hire a Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in all the twists and turns of a theft cases.  We have over 20 years experience handling theft cases in criminal court.  From plea bargaining for the guilty to jury trials for the innocent, we know how to handle a theft of property case.  Call today or request appointment online to schedule your Free Initial Consultation.

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