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Business Litigation in Nashville

bizness-litigationIn the complicated world of business, issues are bound to surface when there are conflicts of interest between the countless parties involved – everyone has something to gain and lose. And everyone wants to win. There might be friction between commercial entities, or between the individuals within them, and often there are disputes that surface between either. When such situations rear their ugly head, it’s important that you’re ready to take action toward a peaceful and efficient resolution. If you play your cards right, burdensome legal processes might not even be necessary.

Business Conflicts

Communication is a crucial factor even in our day to day relationships with friends, family, and yes, even enemies. And since businesses are in many ways their own sort of individual, communicative practices are just as important in the commercial realm. Many problems become unmanageable simply because they are avoided for too long, but addressing them as they come can help to prevent this from happening.

Corporate Conflicts

These types of disputes are difficult to navigate even for seasoned business owners. Newcomers in the corporate field are especially at risk of making some sort of seemingly harmless error during litigation between corporations, resulting in disastrous consequences. If problems arise with your corporation it is absolutely necessary to refrain from taking action on your own. Always hire a skilled business lawyer who is trained to manage such difficulties.

Partnership Conflicts

Unfortunately, some of the most common issues in partnership businesses are conflicts between the partners themselves. It’s not a simple thing to always be on the same page as another person, particularly if the stakes are high. But unity is key in partnerships. Without it, it’s almost certain that failure is on the horizon, and so legal advisement is probably requisite under such circumstances.

Intellectual Property Conflicts

Names and brands are the intellectual property of whoever created them. Not only is it important to assure that your intellectual property is secured by appropriate documentation, but it’s also essentially required that some knowledge of trademark legalities is available. Business attorneys are often hired to keep track of such considerations so that preoccupied business owners can focus on their commerce.

Commercial Misrepresentation

The marketing world is especially prone to misrepresentation of product functionality, and services are far from safe from such problems. When negligence is observed in the representation of a service or product, affirmative action is certainly advised.

Contractual Problems

Contracts are created to ensure that commitments are honored and that foul play is avoided, but they can be difficult to enforce. When legal action is necessary to maintain the terms of contractual obligations, you want to make sure that you are ready to win the battles that you deserve to win.

  • Construction: Among other types of contractual documents, those related to construction are particularly notable. If construction is not done on the terms of those who hired the service, then legal consequences are, of course, enforceable through legal means.
  • Third Party Interference: It often comes to pass that issues that seemingly involve only two entities within a business community are actually the result of “egging on” from a subtly interfering third party. Vigilance and awareness of commercial environment is sometimes difficult to maintain for business owners saddled with countless chores and obligations. Attorneys are frequently hired to provide security on this front.
  • Developer Contracts: Bigger commercial efforts are often accompanied by the need of developer contracts. These are enormously difficult to understand and effectively enforce for owners who are new to their business and even those who have years of experience. Such projects are often an investment of an enormous amount of resources, so legal assistance is advised in order to ensure that no accidents or foul play need be dealt with, and to confront them gracefully if they do.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

The state of Tennessee enforces a business code of conduct called the Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC. Although owners and employees might not be trained in awareness of it’s various subtleties and stipulations, attorneys are. The UCC keeps in place guidelines for the following:

  • Instruments of negotiation
  • Marketing and sales transfers
  • Transference of financial assets


Many parties in the world of business prefer to direct their efforts toward the unfortunate goal of cleverly devised fraudulent activities, deeming them more profitable than legal practices. Unfortunately, one only has to check the news to notice that several are very, very good at what they do. Dishonesty is never tolerated by the government in commercial dealings, so it’s important to be assertive when responding to situations involving business fraud.

Fraudulent transfer laws also maintain that debts incurred by business or commercial entities are not dischargeable if they are deemed guilty of fraudulence, whether constructive or actual. Sometimes litigation is a necessary response to such activity, but success is best guaranteed with the help of a legal representative.

Unbalanced Competition

Examples of competitive actions that qualify as unlawfully contrary to acceptable business practices include:

  • False advertising
  • Deception on any scale
  • Contractual violations
  • Other breaches of trust or agreement

Nashville Business Attorneys

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of lawyers has years of experience dealing with business litigation issues with clients under a wide variety of circumstances. Whether you operate within a corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, or any other type of business, we know the best routes of preventing harmful litigation as well as effectively resolving those that which is inevitable. Don’t try to handle these types of issues on your own, or you could find yourself in a world of regret. Call today, or go online to set up your Free Initial Consultation, and take the first steps toward assuring that your business is managed efficiently and successfully.

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