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Entertainment Law in Tennessee

nashville enteratinment law

Entertainment law is an interesting blend of common legal principles and the exciting world of celebrities and would-be stars.  In addition to a sound business law background, our entertainment law attorneys know the industry.  At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have spent the last two decades working with singers, producers, players, actors, managers and almost every other figure in the business. And in Nashville – country music’s capital – that is serious business.

Entertainment Law Areas

Some of areas of entertainment law with which we are familiar include:

  • Intellectual property — songs, lyrics, plays, etc.
  • Employment law — who works with or for whom
  • Contract law — the relationship between singers and managers or record companies
  • Immigration law — helping talented people work in this country


  • Trademark, copyright and tax law
  • Defamation and right to privacy
  • Securities law
  • International law
  • Litigation, arbitration and negotiation

The advent of the Internet has made intellectual property a hot topic since songs that once were sold only in stores now are traded between music listeners without any remuneration for the artist or label.

To say the entertainment industry provides unique challenges for attorneys is an understatement. Included in the group that requires special representation are recording artists, performers, producers, songwriters, labels, music publishers, stage and set designers, choreographers, graphic artists, games designers, merchandisers, broadcasters, artist managers, distributors and collection societies.

When acts go on the road the cast swells to include festivals, venues, promoters, booking agents and production service providers such as lighting and staging companies.

Turner Law Offices, P.C., has the experience to provide answers for your entertainment law questions.  We represent artists and performers, not managers and companies.

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