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Probation Violations in TN

handcuffs are unlocked in front of probation signWhen you commit a crime and get put on probation, you’re basically entering a period in which law enforcement is keeping an eye on you. Instead of sending you to jail or hurling more direct penalties at you, the judge is providing an opportunity for you to prove your good behavior. Probation can last anywhere from a few months, to a year, and sometimes even up to three years.

This ‘second chance’ aspect of probation, however, doesn’t necessarily translate to your getting off the hook. A probation officer will be assigned to you, to whom you’ll be expected to touch base with regularly and keep informed of the goings-on in your life. Failure to meet the standards of your probation sentence or follow the instructions of your probation officer is known as a probation violation — and this has the potential for some unpleasant consequences.

Violating Probation

Tennessee has its own particular legislative demands for serving probation, but there are a few very common examples of ways people violate their probations:

  • Committing more crimes, or involving yourself in a potentially criminal situation.
  • Failing to attend meetings with your probation officer.
  • Drug use.
  • Failing to pay fines, both to the state and to relevant victims of your original crime.
  • Missing a court date.

It all depends on the circumstances. If you’re on probation for criminal assault, an obviously severe crime that involves victims, it’s likely that your probation sentencing will be stricter than if you had committing something more minor, like a traffic violation.

What happens after a probation violation is really up to the probation officer. They have the option of giving you a warning, after which you’d appear in court for any further violations. Of course, they can also just send you to court straight off the bat. When determine whether or not to give a mere warning, officers will take into account the severity of which terms of the probation were violated.

Probation hearings occur when warnings aren’t adequate. A judge will consider your criminal record, your general behavior while on probation, as well as the nature and circumstances of your probation violation. If you’re found guilty, you’ll either be faced with further fines, extended probation, jail time, or some combination of these penalties. First-time offenders are more likely to receive a lenient sentencing.

Going through the motions:

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of attorneys has years of experience working with clients across a wide range of cases involving probation violations. It’s important for offenders to be aware of their rights in the courtroom — mainly the rights of legal representation, notification of supposed violations, access to an impartial judge, and the right to use evidence and witnesses to defend yourself.

The best course of action always starts with hiring trustworthy legal representation, so don’t wait! Call today, or go online to set up your free initial consultation, and meet with a skilled lawyer who’s ready and waiting to guide you toward the justice you deserve.

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