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Military Divorce Lawyer in TN

Nashville Military Divorce LawyerMilitary Divorce Lawyers | Turner Law Offices, P.C.

The United States military views family law matters, i.e. divorce, separation, paternity and child custody and support, to be a private civil matter best resolved by the civil court having jurisdiction. The military personnel’s unit commander has limited authority and power in family law issues; the military can only become involved in domestic matters when it concerns pay, benefits and property regulated by federal law.  Turner Law Offices, P.C. has over 20 years experience successfully representing active duty, reserve duty, and retired military members and their family.

How Are Military Divorces Different?

In addition to all the rights and responsibility of spouses recognized under Tennessee law, military personnel and their families have the following special rights that are relevant in a military divorce case.  The unique rights of military service members are the following:

  • Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act-provides significant protections to active duty service members. (Full discussion of benefits)
  • Uniform Services Former Spouse Protection Act-allows a state divorce court to treat military retirement pay as personal property of the service member to be divided based on Tennessee divorce law. (Full discussion of protections)
  • Military family housing-the service member does not have the authority to evict family members; the installation commander or first sergeant will usually order the military member to live in the barracks in domestic violence situations
  • Military ID Cards-family member ID cards are an entitlement granted by law, and family members of service members are entitled to a military ID card regardless of the service members statement to the contrary
  • Prosecution for Adultery-under Article 134, which prohibits conduct of a service member of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, or conduct which is prejudicial to good order and discipline.
  • Basic Allowance for Housing
  • Military retirement–unique rules regarding division of military pensions and retirement benefits
  • Military service members and their spouses face unique challenges in formulating Permanent Parenting Plans (if children)-anticipating the service member may be deployed or transferred out-of-state

Do Military Personnel And Their Families Have Access To Free Military Lawyers?

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) provides military personnel and their family members access to free legal services; however, JAG only gives general advice in divorce and custody cases. JAG does not prepare divorce or custody documents and they cannot represent you in court.  A word of warning is that JAG attorneys are often not licensed to practice law in the state of the military installation; therefore, the JAG attorney will not be familiar with state specific family laws.  At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our family law attorneys are intimately familiar with Tennessee divorce, custody and child support laws in addition to the federal regulations specific to military divorces.  Our attorneys have extensive experience with military-related family law matters.

Hire An Experienced Military Divorce Attorney

Turner Law Offices, P.C. represents military personnel and their families in military divorce proceedings vigorously.  Our military divorce lawyers spend the time to explain the nuances of military law to our clients, and to protect their immediate and long-term financial interests.  Call today or request a Free Initial Consultation Online to speak to one of our military family lawyers.

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