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Nashville Child Support Attorney | Tennessee Child Support | Turner Law

Nashville Child Support LawyerHow Do I Calculate Child Support?

If you are having an issue with child support, you need the assistance of a child support attorney with over 25 years of experience handling Nashville child support cases. Turner Law Offices, P.C. has vast experience with the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines and Tennessee Income Shares Worksheet. Our lawyers understand that our clients can experience financial difficulty caused by improper calculation of child support, and we handle child services matters with speed and efficiency to get the child support matter resolved quickly and correctly.

Tennessee Child Support Guidelines

Calculation Tennessee Child SupportTennessee law requires filling out an Income Shares worksheet, and child support is set in accordance with the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines.   Nashville child support lawyers utilize the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines to make sure that the amount of child support apportioned to each parent is fair and equitable. The income shares model takes into account the following factors:

  • The number of days the child is with each parent
  • Each parent’s gross income
  • Cost of work-related daycare
  • Cost of health insurance

Once Base Child Support Amount is calculated, credits are given for other children in the house and other children for whom child support is paid.

How to Calculate Child Support

Calculating Child Support in TennesseeChild support amounts are determined based on the Income Share Method, and the amount of child support owed comes from the Child Support Calculator.  As long as you input the correct information, the child support amount owed should be correct.  You can estimate the amount of child support owed below or Click Here for PC Version Click Here for Mac Version to download the official Child Support Calculator.

Duration of Child Support

Child Support Terminates Upon GraduationIn compliance with the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines and Nashville child support law, parents have a financial obligation to support their child until the child turns 18 or until the child graduates with their class.  The Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, in the case of a Nashville child support law matter that involves a child who has a mental illness or disability, requires that the parents will need to continue to be responsible for their child even after they turn 18 years of age.

Failure to Pay Child Support

Contempt Failure To Pay Child SupportFailure to abide by a court ordered child support order will result in a contempt petition being filed against the non-paying party. Upon finding of willful contempt, the non-paying parent can be sentenced to jail for not complying with a Nashville child support law order to pay child support.  Basically, contempt can be criminal or civil.  If the contempt petition is criminal, a jail sentence of ten (10) days can be given for each and every payment missed.  If the contempt petition is civil, a person can be jailed until the entire amount owed is paid, or the court can set a purge amount.  A purge amount is the amount of money that the person must pay before being released from jail.  After paying the purge amount, the case is generally set for review, where the judge checks to see that the person is paying child support timely.

Modification of Child Support

Modification of Child Suport in TennesseeChild support may be modified by the court upon filing a petition to modify child support.  The court must find that the income of a parent varies by 15%, or that the amount of child support owed varies by 15%.  Tennessee law specifically states that there shall be no retroactive modification of child support; therefore, a parent seeking modification of child support must immediately file a petition for modification; otherwise, the amount of child support will remain the amount set forth in the last court order.

Hire An Experienced Nashville Child Support Lawyer

Best Tennessee Child Support AttorneysTurner Law Offices, P.C. provides assistance with child support services in Nashville and surrounding counties.  Our client oriented lawyers are empathetic and caring, and 100% dedicated to ensuring that clients get the support services they need.  Satisfaction, trust and confidence are of utmost importance when dealing with these emotional, financial situations.  Contact our office today to set your in person Free Initial Consultation, or request a Free Child Support Consultation Online to discuss your Nashville child support law case. Get started today on bringing your whole family to a better place.

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