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Cyber Crimes in TN

cyber-crimesToday’s technology has opened the door to the internet, allowing us to live a large portion of both our business and personal lives online. While this is a convenient and efficient transition in many ways, criminal activities have also largely moved into the world of computers, and cyber crimes can be difficult to confront.

The internet is definitely a necessary part of countless peoples’ day-to-day lives, both in Tennessee as well as across the nation. But it’s still fairly young. Legislation fluctuates constantly to accommodate the rapidly shifting nature of online technology. It can be hard to know exactly where legal lines are drawn – whether you’ve been charged with a cyber crime or are simply defending yourself in such a case.

Types Of Cyber Crimes:

  1. Cyber theft is, unfortunately, becoming more and more common. Bank accounts, personal information, software, and countless other forms of data are all retrievable through a computer. This means criminals can get to them, too. Cyber theft can refer to any type of information accessed by unauthorized persons.
  2. Cyber stalking is exactly what it sounds like: harassment of another individual through the internet. This crime can apply to chat rooms, email, and any form of social media allowing online communication. Coercion, intimidation, and persecution all qualify as cyber stalking if they occur online.
  3. Cyber terrorism, in some cases, might be confused with cyber theft, which refers to the access of another person’s data without his or her consent. On the other hand, cyber terrorism occurs when data is actual stolen, or when a computer system is intentionally damaged or compromised. Many cyber terrorists use computer viruses to accomplish this.

Consequences Of Cyber Crimes

Crimes committed through a computer or via the internet are no less illegal than those performed in the physical world. If you’re charged with committing any of the aforementioned criminal activities, then you could be looking at expensive fines, restitution, or even a prison sentence. Tennessee and federal authorities take cyber crimes very seriously and are stricter and stricter with their penalties every year.

We know the internet is complicated! Many of our clients find themselves facing charges for computer crimes without even knowing that they had committed them, while others are left defenseless at the mercy of a faceless cyber criminal. Don’t let this happen to you.

Hire A Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys know all the in’s and out’s of cyber crime.  We have years of experience dealing with these types of charges in criminal court.  From plea bargaining for the accused to jury trials for the innocent, we know how to handle computer-related cases.  Call today or request appointment online to schedule your Free Initial Consultation.

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