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Worker’s Comp

nashville workers compTennessee – like most other states – requires that employers purchase insurance or self-insure for injuries to their employees suffered while on the job.  When employees are injured or otherwise unable to do their job, they frequently are entitled to benefits under those worker’s comp insurance policies. Sometimes either the employer or the insurance company will dispute the claims and a difficult process begins for the injured worker.  Generally, all injuries received in the course and scope of employment fall under worker’s comp law.

Worker’s Comp Benefits

Benefits for which workers may be eligible under workers compensation law if they suffer an occupational disease or accidental personal injury or death include the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation benefits
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Death Benefits

Why hire Turner Law Offices, P.C. for Workers Comp

Complex laws. The statutes governing workers compensation are complicated even in the simplest of circumstances. While some small claims such as broken classes or one lost work day can be handled with a form in the personnel department, many more complicated situations require experienced guidance.

Leveling the playing field. When an employer is faced with a difficult compensation case, his first call is to an attorney. The worker needs to maintain similar footing with representation of his/her own.

Third-party accidents. Sometimes a person who has nothing to do with a worker’s job or employer causes an injury. For instance, if a delivery driver is injured when his truck is rammed by another vehicle, the driver may be compensated both by workers compensation and by way of a lawsuit for the third party’s negligence.

Rejection of benefits. In more cases than we like to admit, insurance companies or employers fail to offer compensation that rises to the level of the injury. The first round of such a dispute is heard in front of an administrator and not a judge. Further appeals go to court and definitely require legal representation.

Returning to work. In rare cases, employers may try to bar an injured employee from returning to his/her job. Turner Law Offices, P.C., can make sure you are protected from such treatment.

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