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Estate Planning

nashville estate planningEstate planning is a very complex area of the law and involves many more pieces than simply creating a will or trust; proper estate planning requires attorneys who are knowledgeable in both probate law and tax law.  Estate planning is more than preparing a will; proper estate planning requires a review of the legal devices available to allow our estate planning attorneys craft a plan to pass an estate to heirs with minimum tax impact.

Estate Planning Essentials

In addition to preparing documents that dictate the disposition of property upon a loved one’s death, a good estate plan includes the following:

  • Beneficiary designations through wills or trusts.
  • Property ownership with rights of survival
  • Gifting
  • Powers of attorney — particularly a durable financial power of attorney so affairs of the estate can be taken care of
  • Medical power of attorney so end-of-life decisions can be carried out per your wishes
  • Selling, closing or passing along a business

Because an estate plan can be a very complex process, contact one of our estate planning attorneys at Turner Law Offices, P.C., and allow us to make sure every element of your estate is in order.  Turner Law Offices, P.C., has more than two decades of experience assuring that clients are prepared to deal with their estates in a logical, well-thought-out manner.

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