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It’s More Than Just Answering the Phone

A good lawyer does a significant part of his or her work out in the field – in the real world, where the facts are. A good lawyer should be an engaged and active empath, a tenacious bulldog in court, and a detective on the street, initiating discovery in ways that support the client. Family […]

Common Myths About Divorce in Tennessee

It’s estimated that 40 to 50 percent of all married couples will eventually get a divorce. There’s no question the divorce process can be extremely emotional. All the misinformation about the process doesn’t help this. Getting to know some of the most common myths about the divorce process is the best way to avoid making […]

Best Ways To Ensure A Successful Christmas Visitation

No matter how the holidays are divided, it is unlikely that everyone is going to be totally happy. Ideally, everyone wants to wake up and see the kids’ faces as they discover what Santa brought, right? Focusing on the children instead of yourself when setting holiday parenting time is the right mindset to make the time […]

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Why You Should Delay Your Divorce Until The Holidays Are Over

Divorce During The Holidays Filing for divorce during the holidays is sure to ruin the happiest time of the year for many families; on the other hand, if you’re having marital problems, tensions can mount and money problems can become more pronounced, making this time of year anything but happy.  Considering making a change to […]

Circus Rehearsal Goes Awry When Acrobats Fall from High Wire

If you’ve ever been to the circus, or even if you haven’t, odds are that you’re familiar with what acrobats do. They jump around and do all these unlikely stunts under precarious circumstances. Acrobatics, I guess is what we call this gimmick. It’s pretty amazing stuff. If you’re anything like me, you may have at some […]

How to Make Your Mediation a Success

As anybody with any experience in divorce law will tell you, uncontested divorces are preferable to contested divorces — that is, it’s better to figure all the details of a divorce without resorting to litigation. Of course, if you’re the one getting divorced, there’s a good chance that this advice is easier said than done. […]

Top 10 Divorce FAQ’s

Depending on who you are and your circumstances, the prospect of divorce could be either refreshing or ominous. Either way, unless you’ve had the legal training or experience, it’s likely that divorce is something that you don’t entirely understand. And if you aren’t a lawyer or planning to become one, why should you know? As […]

Milk Producers Owe A Lot Of People Money… Including You?

Got milk? Or rather, bought milk? How about half and half, yogurt, or pretty much any kind of cream? In the past fourteen years? I’m willing to bet that you have, and if this is the case, then you could very well be eligible to receive a cut of a milk-related $52 million settlement. If […]

Family Finds Child Kidnapped At Birth 18 Years Later

In 1998, Jacksonville resident Shanara Mobley gave birth to her first child. The baby was kidnapped hours later, taken from her arms by a woman posing as a hospital employee. With no photos and few leads, the trail went cold quickly and stayed that way… until now. Eighteen years after her kidnapping, Kamiyah Mobley has […]

How To Prepare For Holiday Visitation

The holiday season is a time of celebration, but it also has the tendency to get a bit stressful. It depends on what your life is like. For some people, the early darkness of winter is a depressing factor — after all, there are those of us who get off work after the sun has […]