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Traffic Tickets in Tennessee

cop-writing-ticket1Turner Law Offices, P.C., has over 20 years of experience in helping clients deal with traffic tickets. If you believe you are innocent of the violation you are being accused of, contact one of our experienced attorneys to help clear your name in a court of law. Traffic tickets are an unwanted burden that usually leads to hefty fines, higher automobile insurance rates and penalties such as a suspended or revoked license.

Tennessee Traffic Ticket Point System

The Department of Safety (DOS) adds points to your driving record ranging from 1-8 based on the severity of the traffic violation, and those points will remain on your record for 24 months. Once you accumulate 12 or more points, the DOS will send a proposed suspension letter with the opportunity to attend a hearing. Declining to attend the hearing will lead to a 6-12 month license suspension. However, accepting the hearing will give you the option to attend a defensive driving course. Attending the course will either waive the suspension or decrease the suspension time.

For drivers younger than 21 years old, in addition to the penalties above, you will have your license revoked for one year for possession of alcohol. It does not matter whether you were behind the wheel or not.

Hire a Nashville Traffic Ticket Lawyer

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our knowledgeable lawyers will explore every avenue possible to help defend you from an unfair traffic ticket. We are here to help. Call to speak with one of our lawyers today for a Free Initial Consultation.

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