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Mediation in Tennessee Divorce | Rule 31 Mediation | Turner Law Offices

Rule 31 Mediation Requirement in Tennessee Divorce Cases

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Turner Law Offices, P.C., has attorneys on staff to help settle disputes through the mediation process.  Our attorneys have served as civil and family law mediatiors.     The mediation process is one where parties give a little and they get a little from the other side.  The process allows the parties to maintain complete control of their destiny.

The Mediation Process

The mediation process is a negotiation session between two or more parties. Mediators make every effort to keep the process informal and non-adversarial so parties can reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement.  The mediator is a neutral person who has been told about the case from each of the attorneys for the parties, and the mediator’s job is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s position, and to share those opinions with the parties so that an intelligent settlement can be achieved.

All decision-making authority rests entirely with the parties in the mediation process. The mediator acts as a facilitator, guiding the parties in identifying issues, engaging in joint problem-solving, and exploring creative settlement alternatives.  The mediator does not make rulings and decisions; furthermore, you are NOT bound by any of the mediator’s recommendations or suggestions made during mediation.

Reasons to seek mediation

Mediation allows you to maintain complete control over the outcome of  your legal matter.  Additionally, mediation is required in Tennessee for all civil and family law cases before the case is set for trial.  Reasons mediation might be right for you include the following:

  • Required by the Courts–all divorce and family law cases
  • Three months have passed since the last discussion with other party
  • The dispute is more than two years old
  • The other side won’t respond to letters of phone calls
  • It appears a lawsuit will be filed if resolution is not made
  • A suit has been filed and it is time to begin preparing for trial, which will involve considerable time and expense.
  • A lot of people are involved in the dispute and you need help to put together a comprehensive strategy.
  • You have other, similar claims that could benefit from a global settlement process.
  • You are afraid business associates involved in the dispute will become angry or non-productive
  • The settlement value of the claim is less than what it will cost you to take it to trial.

Although the mediation process is voluntary and non-binding, mediation results in a strikingly high settlement rate (estimated at 85% in Tennessee). Parties are generally more satisfied with a mediated solution created by them than with an outcome imposed on them by a judge or jury.  If you want to see just how horrible and embarrassing court can be, watch the Judge Judy Show to see how a judge, who does not care, makes decisions about parties’ disputes; mediation is a respectful and calm process where YOU make all the decisions in a caring manner.

Hire a Rule 31 Trained Mediator

Turner Law Offices, P.C., has the experienced, Rule 31 trained mediators on staff to help get your dispute resolved in a fast, expedite fashion to a satisfactory solution.  Call our office today to schedule a Mediation to resolve your dispute.

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