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High Asset Divorce Lawyer in Nashville | Turner Law Offices

High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys in Nashville, TN

Nashville High Asset Divorce LawyerWhile any divorce may involve complex financial matters, the stakes are raised in a high-asset divorce where significant real estate, personal property, investment accounts or businesses are part of the marital estate. In such cases, it is critical to have a highly qualified divorce lawyer protecting your financial interest.  Turner Law Offices, P.C. is highly qualified with over 20 years experience handling over 15,000 cases!  Two of the primary issues confronting high net worth individuals are 1) alimony and 2) division of marital property.  Alimony is paid to keep the one spouse in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed.  Property division is equitably dividing the marital property earned during the marriage.  The stakes are high in high net worth divorce cases, and a simple, careless mistake can result in the loss of thousands or millions of dollars.

Complex Divorce Case Differences

To effectively handle high asset divorce cases, careful planning and implementation of legal tactics is required to achieve a positive outcome for divorce clients.  Additional work must be done in these type cases such as the following:

  • Valuation and disposition of the marital residence and other real estate properties
  • Valuation of retirement accounts and deferred compensation
  • Valuation of stocks and investment accounts
  • Valuation and forensic audit of closely held business
  • Evaluation of worth for alimony computation
  • Evaluation of enforceability of prenuptial agreements
  • Asset discovery and recovery of wrongfully gifted marital assets

Hire An Experienced High Asset Divorce Lawyer

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our law firm has handled a significant number of high asset divorce cases for executives, entertainers, athletes, doctors and their families.  We know the issues particular to high net worth individuals, and we thoroughly and competently handle these cases with zeal.  Request a free initial consultation online or call our office to set an in person consultation with one of our divorce lawyers.

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