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Nashville Business Lawyers

Turner Business LawTurner Law Offices, P.C., has more than 20 years experience helping small businesses in Nashville either get started or get over some bumps in the professional road. The attorneys in our offices can help you, too.  People contemplating starting a small business are likely to need help finding their way through a highly competitive and lawsuit-ready professional environment. At Turner Law Offices, we can deal with any and all situations facing the small business owner. We treat each case with the individual care and arrive at solutions that fit each unique situation.

Proper interactions with the complex business law of today can save owners a lot of headaches and keep tighter control on their operations. Areas of business law in which Turner Law Offices, P.C., specializes are:

Sole Proprietorships
Limited Liability Company
Incorporating Buying or Selling a Business
Limited Liability Partnership Employee Handbooks
 Employee Contracts Independent Contractors
Non-Compete Contracts Contract Interpretation
Financing a Business Naming a Business
Commercial Office Leases Business Bankruptcy

Turner Law Offices, P.C., is one Nashville law firm willing to take on small business clients — no matter how small. We can help from the time you open your business, and before. We can review your contracts and help draft advantageous leases  We also can help with issues such as wages, withholding, workplace safety as well as guiding you through the legal morass of hiring and firing. 

At Turner Law Offices, P.C. we believe that every small business needs at least some guidance from a business law attorney. And we are here to help. Call for an appointment with one of our experienced business lawyers today.

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