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Tennessee Immigration Law: Natural Birth Citizenship

natural-birth-citizenshipThere any many options available for persons seeking citizenship in the United States. Foreign nationals are obligated to fulfill proper immigration requirements in order to achieve their own citizenship, but the situation is much simpler for children born in the United States.

U.S. Code – Section 1401 stipulates that any person born within U.S. borders and subject to the jurisdiction thereof shall be considered a national and citizen of the United States.

Specific Circumstances and Natural Birth Citizenship

Children born under the following circumstances are also granted natural birth citizenship under United States legislation:

  • Persons born within U.S. boundaries with Native American heritage;
  • Persons born outside U.S. boundaries, whose parents are both legal citizens prior to birth (bearing in mind that at least 1 parent must have official residence within U.S. borders);
  • Persons born outside U.S. boundaries with at least 1 parent who has spent a minimum of 1 year continuously on U.S. soil prior to birth, as long as the other parent is either a citizen or national;
  • Persons born within the borders of a territories considered “outlying possessions” of the U.S., as long as at least one parent qualifies as a citizen;
  • Persons born outside U.S. boundaries who has 1 parent qualifying as a citizen, and at least 1 parent who has lived in the U.S. for a minimum of 5 years (over the age of 14) prior to birth;
  • Persons under the age of 5 whose birth origins are uncertain, as long as foreign origins aren’t uncovered prior to their reaching the age of 21.

One notable exception to the natural birth citizenship clause applies to children of foreign nationals who hold political or otherwise significant leadership positions in other nations.

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