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Female Divorce Attorney in Nashville TN

Female Divorce Lawyer in Nashville TNFemale Divorce Lawyer|Nashville TN

Sometimes, clients call our office and ask if we have a female divorce attorney on staff.  The answer is yes!  Sometimes the clients do not care if their attorney is male or female.  Clients who want a female divorce attorney believe that they have an aggressive, pragmatic lawyer on their side.  At Turner Law Offices, P.C., what our clients think matters to us!

Reasons Why To Hire A Female Divorce Lawyer

There are many reasons why people may want a female on their legal team.  Some of the reasons that clients may want a female divorce lawyer are the following:

  1. Female divorce attorneys can better relate emotionally.   They can actively listen and are more capable of empathy.  Crying and listening are skills believed to be mastered by females.  Divorce is an emotional area of law, and the stereotypic logistical approach of a male divorce lawyer may not meet a client’s psychological needs.
  2. Female divorce lawyers can be better listeners.   Actively listening and gaining insight into the client’s needs may be best achieved by a female; aside from listening to provide legal advice, some clients simply need someone to listen to why you’re upset.
  3. Female divorce attorneys can better soften the blow.  Female attorneys can sometimes position matters so that they are more palatable.  In essence, the “bedside manner” of a female can be more supportive and less confrontational than a male.
  4. Female divorce lawyer can be more approachable.  Negotiation is very important in a divorce case.  The last thing you need is a lawyer who people dislike or refuse to talk to.  Females tend to be more social, and can be more open to discussions outside the law, i.e. kids, travel, etc.
  5. Female divorce attorneys can be very maternal.  Maternal in relation to your children and even maternal in relation to you!  This maternal behavior feels like it creates the best outcome for you and your children.

Speak With One Of Our Female Divorce Attorneys Today

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have a dedicated staff of family law attorneys and paralegals working for you!  We try to maximize our talent; however, if you are set on having a female divorce lawyer, you will have one assigned to your divorce case.  Request Free Initial Consultation Online or call our office to schedule your initial free consultation.

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