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Criminal Attorney in Nashville | Nashville Criminal Lawyer | Turner Law Offices, P.C.

Nashville criminal lawyerArrested in Tennessee?  Get a Good Criminal Lawyer

Have you been arrested?   Are you ready to stand up for your rights?   So are we!  We aggressively defend every one of our clients  charged with criminal offenses.  We will leave no stone uncovered as we employ our own investigators to work with us to explore any and all defenses to the charges.  Police officers usually only collect evidence to support their theory.  When you come to our team of Nashville criminal law attorneys you can trust that you are in good hands.   We represent people arrested and charged with any criminal offenses whether you are charged in state and federal court.

Top Nashville Criminal AttorneyIf you are arrested, YOU HAVE RIGHTS!!

If you have been arrested, it DOES NOT mean you are GUILTY!!  You have rights as a criminal defendant . . . rights at the time of arrest and rights at trial.  Additionally, a top criminal defense lawyer can usually work out a plea bargain with the district attorney, keeping you out of jail and keeping your arrest off of your record!  A criminal conviction stays with you the rest of your life; hire a criminal lawyer with lots of actual experience representing people in criminal court.  Under NO circumstances should you talk to the police; hire a lawyer to talk on your behalf.  You CANNOT talk yourself out of being arrested; you WILL talk yourself into getting jailed and convicted!  Call us first . . . we will take it from here.

Our Nashville criminal law attorneys can represent you in all state and federal criminal cases:

Domestic Assault DUI (Alcohol and Drugs) Theft Crimes
Sex Offenses Drug Offenses Juvenile Court Cases
Driver’s License Offenses Contempt of Court All State and Federal Offenses

Hire an Experienced Nashville Criminal Lawyer

IBest Criminal Lawyersf you have been arrested you do not want a public defender or a court appointed lawyer representing you, you want to retain the services of Turner Law Offices, P.C.!  Have an experienced team of Nashville criminal law attorneys on your side.  Call us today for a no obligation free initial consultation!  You’ll be glad you did,

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