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Tennessee Wrongful Death Lawyer

Devastating loss

nashville wrongful deathLoss of a loved one is devastating.  Perhaps most devastating is to experience a death caused by the wrongful, irresponsible acts of another.  A wrongful death claim exists when a death occurs as a result of the wrongful conduct of another, and the goal is to compensate the surviving family members who suffer emotional and financial loss caused by the death.  We handle wrongful death cases arising out of automobile accidents, truck accidents, drunk drivers, workplace injuries, and medically related deaths.

Handling the emotions associated with such a grave loss requires special listening, understanding and compassion. We do everything we can to support your family in your time of loss, intimately understanding the personal and financial difficulties that arise from such events. Compensation for your loss is only a part of our job.  Wrongful death damages include medical and funeral expenses, pain and suffering prior to expiration, loss of love and affection, and loss of future income.

We have obtained millions of dollars for our clients through settlement and jury trials.

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