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Nashville Conservatorship LawyerNashville Conservatorship Lawyer | Turner Law Offices, P.C.

When a person can no longer handle his/her own personal and financial affairs, a conservator should be appointed. Conservatorships generally are created when the person is incapacitated due to mental illness, medical disability or advancing age and requires daily assistance.  Two (2) physicians must complete Reports of Physician, setting forth the medical condition and the person’s inability to take care of their financial situation and themselves.

What is a Conservator?

A conservator is a fiduciary, that is a person having a legal duty to act for and on behalf of the best interests of an individual — called the ward in this case. A conservator — appointed by the court — will handle the person’s personal and financial affairs, and frequently make medical decisions for the ward.  For a family considering appointment of a conservator there are several important elements to consider:

  • An attorney will meet with the ward and family, review the medical information, and make a recommendation to the Court regarding the need for a conservatorship.
  • The ward may or may not object to the conservatorship. If there is an objection, the court will decide whether a conservator is appointed and show it shall be.
  • If the needs of the ward are not significant, the Court can form a limited conservatorship, wherein the ward can continue to participate in his/her own affairs with the conservator assisting the ward.
  • The conservator must develop and propose a Property Management Plan to the Court to establish the ward’s assets, incomes and indebtedness so the assets of the ward are maximized during the conservatorship.
  • An annual status report must be filed with the Court, informing the Court of the continued need for a conservator.
  • For anyone considering a conservator for themselves or a family member, a lawyer who understands conservatorship practice and has experience handling complex conservatorship matters.

Hire a Nashville Conservatorship Lawyer

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have over 20 years representing clients in conservatorship matters. our experienced conservatorship attorneys know the legal process, and can alleviate needless frustrations and reduce the costs of forming and maintaining a conservatorship.  Call today to schedule your Free Initial Consultation to meet and speak  with one of our lawyers or complete online request for consultation.

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