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With the Coronavirus pandemic and the Safer at Home Order, we are offering clients the option of having a video conference via ZOOM or an in-person visit following Coronavirus precautions suggested by the CDC.

If you have any SYMPTOMS of Coronavirus, PLEASE STAY HOME!!

If you do not have any symptoms, we would love to meet with you in person. In an effort to maintain a Coronavirus Safe environment, we will be exercising the following precautions for in-person meetings:

  • Safe Distancing–we will attempt to stay six (6) feet apart
  • No Hand Shaking–it’s odd for us not to shake hands, but we aren’t
  • Hand Washing–please wash your hands upon arrival
  • Hand Sanitizing–we have hand sanitizer available; 1 squirt only plz
  • Masks–we have a limited number of masks available