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Category Archives: DUI

Amish Teens Charged for Drunk Driving a Horse-Drawn Buggy

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime, on account of how drunk drivers can’t drive very well and end up causing accidents. Cars are hurdling death machines and should be treated as such, by which I mean treated with caution. Of course, cars aren’t the only type of vehicle allowed on the […]

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Weed Breathalyzers: Potheads, Your Nightmares Are Real

Weed Breathalyzers Are In Development! One of the more contentious aspects of the marijuana legalization controversy is the question of DUI’s: how will police officers know if a person is driving under the influence of marijuana when the only proven means of finding out is with a blood test? Well, with recreational and medical legalization on […]

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Stamos DUI Confirmed: Uncle Jesse, No!

The headline from June about John Stamos driving under the influence of drugs was tragically confirmed today when a Los Angeles court officially charged him with a misdemeanor. The decision came yesterday — as of now, Beverly Hills police officials aren’t releasing the name of the drug that impaired Stamos. His arraignment is schedule for Friday, October 15. What […]

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Nashville Mom Drives Drunk With Toddler In Car

Latasha J. Black is not going to win an award for being mother of the year anytime soon, though she could be a shoe-in for the worst mother of the year plaque. The 25-year-old Nashville mom was arrested and jailed by Franklin police over the weekend for driving under the influence. But not only was Black drunk […]

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