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Child Support in Nashville

Nashville Child Support LawyerSetting Child Support| Nashville Child Support Lawyer

A minor child, i.e. a child under the age of 18, is entitled to receive support from BOTH parents!!  When parents are living together, each chips in and supports their children.  However, in the event of a divorce or paternity case, a lawyer is required to go to court to get child support set.  The process of getting child support is simple for a competent Nashville child support lawyer.  In the case of a divorce, child support is set when the divorce is filed.  When the parents are not married, a parentage action must be filed to 1) get parentage testing to prove the biological father and 2) set child support in accordance with the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines.  Child support is set using the Tennessee Child Support Calculator.

Factors in Determining Child Support

Child Support is based on the following information:

  • Number of days each parent has the child
  • Income of each parent
  • Cost of work related child care
  • Cost of health insurance coverage

Additionally, if either parent has other children, credits are applied to the basic child support obligation.  There are no other factors in determining how much child support must be paid!

Estimating Child Support

Only an experienced Child Support Lawyer can accurately determine the correct amount of child support.  The information that does into the Child Support Worksheet must be accurate, and the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines contains a lot of regulations relating to the information put into the Child Support Worksheet.  With that in mind, you can estimate the amount of child support with the Tennessee Child Support Calculator.

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