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Default Divorce Lawyers in Nashville

Nashville Default Divorce LawyerDefault divorce is when a person gets a divorce by default judgment.  A default divorce is generally filed when the location of the spouse is unknown or if that spouse is hiding and refusing to be served with the divorce papers.  A default judgment is awarded by the Court if service is had by publication, or the spouse does not participate in the proceedings after having been properly served.

Default Divorce Process

Default divorce is the cheapest, easiest, and quickest to divorce a troublesome spouse.  A Complaint for Divorce is filed alleging fault grounds, and this Complaint is served on the other spouse either through personal service, certified mail, or publication.  The defendant spouse has thirty (30) days to answer the Complaint after being served or after publication has run for four (4) consecutive weeks. After this period of time, if no answer has been filed, a Motion for Default Judgment will be filed with the Court.  If an answer is still not filed by the time the Motion is heard, the Court will grant a default judgment, and will set the case for a final hearing.  If there is no answer filed on the date of the final hearing, the court will hear the testimony of the filing spouse and two (2) witnesses, and will grant a divorce and award the filing spouse EVERYTHING requested in the Complaint for Divorce.

Default Divorce Perils

The troublesome spouse may delay the whole divorce process by working the system; he can file an answer and stop the default process at any time.  If an answer is filed by the non-filing spouse, the divorce becomes contested.  Default judgments are disfavored by Tennessee courts, and can even be set aside after the entry of the Final Decree of Divorce.

Hire a Nashville Default Divorce Lawyer

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have over 20 years experience handling family law matters including default divorces.  Our divorce lawyers have the knowledge, training and experience to guide you through the divorce labyrinth to achieve a successful outcome in your divorce case.  Talk to one of our default divorce attorneys in person for free to discuss your divorce situation. Request a Free Initial Divorce Consultation online or call our office for a same-day initial interview.

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