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Nashville Online Divorce Information

eDivorce is a new, technological way to reduce your legal fees by entering basic information that is used to draft a Complaint for Divorce, Marital Dissolution Agreement, and Permanent Parenting Plan (if there are children). By utilizing eDivorce, you will reduce the time it takes to prepare your divorce documents and you will realize considerable savings. For you to proceed with an eDivorce, you must review information regarding uncontested divorces and input information into the online form and pay online. After we receive the data from you and your payment, one of our paralegals will call you to schedule an appointment to consult with a family law attorney to discuss your case and review your paperwork.

eDivorce Basics:

  • Husband and Wife must agree on all terms of divorce
  • Client enters all information online
  • Client pays in full online
  • Documents are ready to review and sign next day
  • Legal representation is minimal
    • Initial consultation/review of documents
    • Court appearance
    • Preparation of all documents

There are four (4) basic types of Online Divorces:

  1. No Children/No Real Estate  $499 + Filing Fee
  2. No Children/Real Estate       $599 + Filing Fee
  3. Children/No Real Estate       $699 + Filing Fee
  4. Children/Real Estate            $799 + Filing Fee

The process is simple. The cost is cheap. The representation is unbelievable!

Proceed with Filing Online Divorce

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