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3 Years Later, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Finalize Divorce

divorce for Jennifer and Marc

It took some time (nearly 3 years, actually), but Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are finally officially divorced.

The news of the finalization broke in mid-June, after backlogs from the court were finally entered into the system. The divorce should have been finalized back in March, after negotiations of custody and support were completed, but the court backlogs kept things from being completed until this month.

The split first became public back in July of 2011. After seven years of marriage, Lopez and Anthony decided to call it quits, stating that it was a difficult yet amicable decision.

It wasn’t until nearly a year later, in April of 2012, that Anthony finally filed the papers for divorce. Lopez, at the time, was already months into another relationship with backup dancer Casper Smart.

Lopez has been given the rights to primary custody of their 6-year-old twins, Emme and Max, while Anthony will get to have the kids seven days out of each month. Anthony only gets the children, however, when their nannies are present.

Neither spouse will be granted child support, which will be more beneficial to Anthony than Lopez, in that he just found out that his child support payments to ex-wife Dayanara Torres have been doubled to a whopping monthly payment of $26,800.

Lopez, who has been married three times in the past, and Anthony, for whom this was his second marriage, have both since reentered the dating scene and have had other relationships. For both of them, however, the relationships were short-lived. They both say that they wish to marry again, but they are waiting for love to guide them into another relationship.

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