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5 Ways to Make Christmas Visitation Work

5 Ways to Make Christmas Visitation Work No matter how the holidays are divided, it is unlikely that everyone is going to be totally happy. Ideally, everyone wants to wake up and see the kids’ faces as they discover what Santa brought, right? Focusing on the children instead of yourself when setting holiday parenting time is […]

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5 Reasons To Delay Divorce Until After The Holidays

Divorce During The Holidays Filing for divorce during the holidays is sure to ruin the happiest time of the year for many families; on the other hand, if you’re having marital problems, tensions can mount and money problems can become more pronounced, making this time of year anything but happy.  Considering making a change to […]

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Florida man arrested for “Possession of Dairy Crate”

Police officers aren’t getting the most flattering press coverage these days. While many, perhaps most, members of the nationwide law enforcement community are competent and well-intentioned folks who regularly put their lives on the line for the well-being of their locality, all these police shootings of unarmed black people aren’t doing much for the general […]

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Kaley Cuoco Divorce: Wanna keep it all? Get a Prenup!

$72 Million and… GIFT CERTIFICATES IS ALL HE GOT?!? Celebrity divorces can be messy. With so much money on the line, most Hollywood A-listers have lengthy prenups written up long before their first date. Albeit it professional athletes, movie stars, or the children of the rich and famous, those in the spotlight are sure to […]

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Ben and Jerry Arrested For Awakening Democracy

Just in case you didn’t know: a bunch of people are headed to Washington D.C. to get arrested. If you’re interested, you can join them! Ben and Jerry did! Do I mean the ice cream guys? Oh yeah. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were arrested at the United States Capitol building yesterday for participating in […]

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Ex-Cowboys Running Back Arrested for Sixth Time in 17 Months

Getting a Handle on Randle Joseph Randle has not played a National Football League game since Week 7 of last season, and it does not look like he will be playing in another one anytime soon. The former Dallas Cowboys running back was arrested Sunday morning for the sixth time in the past 17 months dating […]

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Former Titans LB Keith Bulluck Arrested for DUI

Keith Bulluck’s Twitter location says, “Where ever life takes me…” Well, the former Tennessee Titans linebacker was taken to jail for driving under the influence early Tuesday morning. Metro police officers responded to a single-car crash into a light pole on interstate-65 near Armory Drive and found Bulluck standing outside his vehicle. A cop on the […]

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Megabus Catches Fire

Bye Megabus A Megabus traveling from Chicago, Ill. to Milwaukee, Wis. caught fire in suburban Chicago Sunday afternoon. The bus driver pulled over to the side of the interstate midway through the trip and told passengers there was nothing to be worried about. The bus continued its way north to Wisconsin, but stopped several times before […]

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Naked Man Casually Strolls Through Nashville Airport

If you’ve been to an airport, any airport, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of people wear suits. We might deduce that many such persons are traveling for business. That is the fashion statement made by people who wear business clothes to the airport. There are others, you might have noticed, who wear casual attire when […]

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Kanye West: “I’m Broke!”

Broke-Ye West Great musician and first class jerk Kanye West admitted on Twitter earlier this week that he was $53 million in debt. For someone as arrogant and cocky as Kanye is, it came as quite the surprise that he not only publicly announced he was broke, but he also pleaded for help. Kanye asked […]

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