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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Get an Actual Divorce

Angelina Jolie walks away from sad Brad in the streetThe paparazzi have been salivating over Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for years, doing their best to photograph every tense moment in the hopes that they’ll be the tabloid to break the story if Jolie and Pitts’ relationship falls apart. “Could this be it?” That question has been asked countless times by countless media outlets in reference to countless celebrity couples — but perhaps none more so than the golden goose of Brangelina.

Well it’s finally happened.

Angelina Jolie officially filed for divorce on Monday. According to the documentation, she’s chosen to leave Pitt on grounds of irreconcilable differences. As for their six children, Jolie doesn’t want to share physical custody. Her lawyer has requested that her privacy be respected, dropping few hints as to the exact reasons for the divorce, saying simply that Jolie’s choice was made “for the health of the family.”

All in all, it sounds like Brangelina must be in a pretty dark place these days. But that wasn’t always the case.

The Ballad of Brad and Angie

It all started in 2004. Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time (a pairing with many fans, I’m sure). Angelina Jolie was single, having been married once to actor Johnny Lee Miller and again to Billy Bob Thornton. Pitt and Jolie fell in love while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Jennifer Aniston wasn’t destined to stick around after that. Although Brad wasn’t publicly “with” Angelina Jolie quite yet, Aniston went ahead and divorced him in March of 2005 (irreconciliable differences). One month later, the paparazzi finally snagged photos of Brangelina on vacation in Kenya, but the real slap in Aniston’s face happened that summer when Brangelina teamed up for a fairly saucy photoshoot called “Domestic Bliss”. By October, the divorce was complete.

In 2006, the baby came. Jolie announced her pregnancy in January and gave birth to Shiloh in May. Meanwhile, Pitt filed for adoption of the kids she already had (Maddox and Zahara). Baby number 4, Pax Thien, was adopted in 2007. And finally, twins Knox Leon and Viviene, babies 5 and 6, were born in 2008.

A few years went by. Jolie and Pitt claimed to be holding off on getting hitched until same-sex marriage was legalized, but mentioned to reporters that their six kids were really pushing for a wedding. They announced their engagement in 2012 and tied the knot in 2014 at a secret French ceremony.

Their two-year engagement was evidently an intense period for Brangelina. Jolie found out she had a defective gene that greatly increased the likelihood of her getting breast and ovarian cancer. She had a double mastectomy for this in 2013 and her ovaries were removed in 2015.

This brings us approximately to now: on September 15, 2016, Brangelina broke up.

Irreconciliable Differences

All we really know about the divorce is that Angelina Jolie isn’t into her marriage anymore. We can probably assume that Brad Pitt feels similarly. Of course, nothing will stop the media in its relentless quest for private information. Folks are definitely offering speculations as to what exactly “irreconcilable differences” means for Brangelina.

Many tabloids, citing “sources close to the couple”, are proposing a couple of problems.

The first problem (allegedly) is that Brad isn’t behaving. He’s drinking too much, smoking pot and stuff, and this hasn’t been great for his (alleged) anger issues. He’s not being a good dad, “sources” say.

The second problem, which is probably best referred to as a theory, is much more juicy. Brad Pitt is currently shooting a new World War II movie in which he stars alongside actress Marion Cotillard. If Page Six is to be believed, Angelina Jolie suspected her husband was cheating on her with Cotillard and hired a private investigator, who proceeded to catch Pitt and Cotillard canoodling on the set.

Who knows what’s true. All of it, none of it, whatever. Irreconcilable differences can be pretty much anything, and that includes both adultery and shitty behavior. It’s just not working out. The differences between Jolie and Pitt are, apparently, irreconcilable.

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