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Jungle Cats Rescued from Nevada Home

Humans love their pets. We keep all kinds. Cats, dogs, birds, mice, snakes, rabbits, I could go on. If you want a list of acceptable pets, look no further than the internet. Key word though: acceptable. Because there is certainly a difference between a ‘pet’ and an ‘animal’. Some creatures, great and small, are simply […]

Marijuana Legalization Wins Big in Trump’s Shadow

On Tuesday, November 8, the world as we know it changed. An overdrawn and largely insane election season came to an end. We now have closure on many big things, and while parts of this closure are clearly ominous for many Americans, other parts provided a sense of excitement, anticipation. I’m not talking about Donald […]

Assassins And Presidential Candidates (Trump Doesn’t Count)

Tomorrow, Americans will decide who’s going to be the next president. We’ve had election news shoved forcefully down our throats for about a year now, so it’s about time. Things are contentious, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. A lot of people hate Donald Trump with a passion and fear the prospect of his presidency. A […]

S. Caroline Realtor Todd Kohlhepp Charged with Kidnapping & Murder

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp was well-respected in his line of work. The 45-year-old real estate agent, also a licensed pilot, managed his own business: Todd Kohlhepp & Associates. He had two offices and several agents under his management. One of his employees, Cherry Laurens, met Kohlhepp in college. They studied statistics together and went on to […]

Ammon Bundy and other standoff protestors found “not guilty”

Remember in the cold, early days of 2016, before all those celebrities died, when a bunch of disgruntled ranchers bore arms and took control of a wildlife refuge in Oregon? The occupation lasted an impressive forty-one days and was essentially streamed live via social media for all the world to see. Supporters prayed with the […]

Unrepentant man smashes Trump’s Hollywood star with pickax

We citizens of these United States of America are barreling into the final days of what might be the weirdest presidential election season on record. We’ve clenched our thighs around this torpedo for almost a year now, many of us for longer, and now our muscles are sore, strained. It needs to be over: this […]

What You Should Do Before Meeting with Your Attorney

Getting ready for your first consultation with a lawyer can be a stressful experience. What should you expect? How should you prepare? Is there some sort of “homework” you should take care of before walking through the door? Every lawyer does business differently, which can make it difficult to know exactly what to expect during […]

Sexual Favors Accepted as Community Service by Arkansas Judge

When there are positions of power to be filled, there will always be those who seek to fill and abuse them. Such is the case of Arkansas District Judge Joseph Boeckmann. In May, he was forced to resign because of numerous accusations from young men defendants — some of them underage — who alleged that […]

Mattress Set Ablaze by Car Accident Survivor, Charged with Attempted Murder

Miami resident Carlos Rodriguez, 31, only has half of his head. His friends call him “Halfy” or “Half Head.” The top half of his head was removed after he got into a car accident at age fourteen. He first came into the spotlight back in 2010 when he was taken into custody for trying to […]

Spinal Tap’s Harry Shearer sues for millions in film profits

The 1984 rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap attained was an immediate cult classic and has entertained audiences repeatedly for the past thirty-two years. Even if you’ve never seen the rockumentary, which follows the fictional heavy metal band ‘Spinal Tap’, you’ve probably had it quoted at you. Ever heard of an amp that goes up to […]