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Cheap Divorce Attorney

cheap divorce lawyerCheap Divorce Lawyer? You May Want To Think Again!

When money is tight, people look for ways to save. Some people think about hiring a cheap divorce lawyer or, even worse, purchasing online divorce forms or a “do-it-yourself divorce kit.”  Trying to save money when going through a divorce is a big and expensive mistake! Don’t skimp and look for inexpensive divorce attorneys when it comes to a divorce.  A divorce is a serious and life-changing event; decisions you make during the divorce will have long-term ramifications!

Why Are Cheap Divorce Attorney Fees Low?

Attorneys fees are based on a lawyer’s knowledge, training  and experience.  If a lawyer promises a cheap divorce or low-cost divorce, ask yourself why this particular attorney charges so much less than other lawyers in the area. Usually, if a lawyer’s fee is less than most other lawyers, the lawyer charging the lower fee is inexperienced or doesn’t have enough business; you MAY be a guinea pig for that particular lawyer!  Seasoned divorce attorneys have a lot of experience, and understand the nuances of divorce law and the pros and cons each decision that must be made in a divorce case. Experienced divorce lawyers have handled thousands of divorce cases.  Therefore, in the long run, an experienced divorce lawyer usually will be the most affordable divorce lawyer.

A Cheap Divorce Lawyer May Be More Expensive

An inexperienced divorce attorney may charge a lower fee per hour, yet ultimately end up charging more because of spending more hours working on your divorce case.  Experienced divorce lawyers are able to handle matters faster and more accurately, and do not spend a lot of time doing legal research on your dime!  Whether you have an uncontested divorce or contested divorce, you will find our fees reasonable.

Quality Representation at an Affordable Cost

Now is not the time to pinch pennies; hire an experienced divorce attorney to represent you; most competent divorce lawyers understand that divorce clients may have financial constraints. At Turner Law Offices, P.C. our affordable divorce attorneys will talk to you about options to help reduce your legal fees. Additionally, we provide payment plans to make our legal services available to deserving people with financial constraints.  Call today or request a Free Initial Consultation online!

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