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Couple Gets Speeding Ticket from Town They’ve Never Been to

old-couple-driving-wTaking Advantage of the Elderly

Everyone seems to be taking advantage of the elderly these days, even law enforcement officers. An elderly couple in Hendersonville, Tenn. were shocked when they received a $50 traffic violation for speeding in a town they have never been to and in a car they do not drive. The Puryear Police Department in Henry County, which is a little over two hours from the couple’s Hendersonville home, issued the ticket. If the couple decided to fight the ticket in court, they would have had to make the long trip to the Puryear, Tenn. courthouse and pay the $63.75 court fee, which is more than the ticket and is simply not worth it.

How Did They Screw Up?

Puryear Police generated the speeding violation through a hand-held laser attached to a camera. Two officers, including Puryear Chief of Police Dave Paschall, signed off on the ticket. However, the speeding car was a Chevrolet. The elderly couple drive a Toyota. Also, the Toyota has a handicap placard, while the Chevrolet did not. To top it all off, the Toyota is light blue, and the Chevrolet is black. So, how did Puryear Police screw up so badly? Chief Paschall called the ticket a “clerical error on the processing company’s end.” A letter from Puryear Police has been sent to the elderly couple’s home to disregard the previous ticket.

Tennessee Traffic Violation Tickets

Traffic violations often lead to penalties such as a suspended or revoked license, hefty fines and higher automobile insurance rates. Each violation is ranked on a point system ranging from 1-8 by the Department of Safety based on the severity. Those points remain on your record for 24 months. If 12 or more points are accumulated, you a proposed suspension letter with the opportunity to attend a hearing will be sent. Electing to not attend the hearing will result in a 6-12 month license suspension. Attending the hearing allows the opportunity to take a defensive driving course, and completing the course will either waive or decrease the suspension time.

Hire a Tennessee Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you believe you are innocent of a traffic violation you are being accused of, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have over 20 years of experience in handling traffic violation cases, and we strive to reach the best possible outcome for you. Our knowledgeable staff will explore every avenue of a defense so you can clear your name and drive worry free. Call our offices today to Request a Free Initial Consultation.

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