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Affordable Nashville Divorce Lawyer

Affordable Nashville Divorce LawyerAffordable Nashville Divorce Attorney Fees

No Large Up-Front Retainer!  Budget Your Legal Fees Every Month!

Divorce lawyers charge hourly for legal services; affordable divorce lawyers work with clients to come up with a monthly payment the client can afford.  If the case is relatively simple without a lot of complex issues, the case can be handled more efficiently and is less costly.  Typically, a divorce lawyer will charge an up-front retainer fee from $3,000 to $5,000.  To become affordable divorce lawyers, Turner Law Offices, P.C. has created a unique monthly payment plan for our divorce and family law clients.  Our monthly payment plan allows you to budget for your legal fees just like any other monthly bill; you will pay the same amount per month regardless of your total monthly charges until the balance is paid in full!  Better yet, your case will not be delayed waiting on you to pay additional retainers, and you will not be charged interest on the unpaid balance!  There are truly no free divorce lawyers, but there are affordable divorce lawyers.  Because of our Premier Payment Plan structure, you can hire a competent, caring affordable divorce lawyer.

Affordable Divorce Lawyer Benefits

  • Low initial down payment
  • Fixed monthly payment until balance paid in full
  • No interest expense
  • Keeps your case moving without delays

It doesn’t hurt to call!  Call or office to meet with on of our affordable divorce lawyers, or set a Free Initial Divorce Consultation online.

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