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Hillary Duff Officially Divorces Mike Comrie

hillary-duff-divorceDivorce can be a long and complicated process. For example, Hilary Duff’s reports that twenty-eight year old former child star Hilary Duff filed for divorce from her thirty-five year old NHL Hockey Playing Husband, Mike Comrie, over two years ago; however, it is only now that the divorce became final (and Hillary became officially single!). The pair had been married for five years and have a 3-year-old son named Luca. TMZ reported that Duff filed for divorce shortly after media outlets started reporting on rumors about Comrie’s wild partying with his hockey buddies; however, the pair split up in January of 2013, but didn’t announce their separation until one year later.

Celebs And Their Kids

During this two-year period, one of the things they had to work out together and with each party’s respective legal team is their answer to a very important question that crops up in almost any divorce: “Who gets all our stuff?” — and of course, since they have a child together, “What happens to our kid?”. First of all, its important to note that the pair had a prenuptial agreement in place. A prenuptial agreement is a contract regulating what happens to a married couple’s pooled assets if the marriage were to fail (even in cases like this, a legal representation and council is still necessary!).

Here’s where all their stuff went: although Duff sought primary custody of their child, the two will, according to the divorce papers, co-parent and share custody of their child. Apparently the two will keep sharing him between them on mutual and pre-arranged schedule that they have already been following since their separation.

Celebs And Their Stuff

The kid was probably the part that Duff and Comrie were most concerned about, but there’s more. Comrie will be retaining ownership of his Bentley, his G-Class Mercedes, and his jewelry. Duff gets all their shared property, including their luxurious Beverly Hills mansion, but she will pay $2.4 million to Comrie for his half of the property. Both partners were independently wealthy before the marriage, and so it seems like their stuff got split pretty much down the middle. AKA, surprisingly tame property division for celebrities.

After filing for divorce, as Duff stated in an interview with PEOPLE, “I went through my highs and lows,” the former child star said of the major shifts in her life at the time, “but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change anything. I feel happy. And I’m excited about everything I have.” Doesn’t seem like either side is very traumatized by the split, emotionally or financially.

But although the divorce hasn’t been as rocky as the marriage must have been, it did take two whole years to finalize — they were officially married, in other words, for three years while they were living apart. That must have been strange. Divorces can often be like that, dragging on in the legal realm long after the actual relationship has run its course. That’s because there’s a lot that has to be worked out in a divorce.

Hire Nashville Divorce Attorneys

In Tennessee, a divorce must be “granted” by a divorce court. There are basically two kinds of divorce: contested divorce and uncontested divorce. If both spouses agree to file a divorce, they can file an uncontested divorce. This is only possible if both parties can agree on all the terms of the divorce. If this is not possible, then they must file a contested divorce, the end result of which will be a court order with terms that must be followed by both parties. Legal counsel is required for both kinds of divorce however, as both roads are long and complicated.

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