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Jane Lynch’s Divorce is Finalized, yet Expensive

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Television show “Glee” star Jane Lynch is now officially single again, but the outcome has left her with some pretty hefty alimony payments.

Lynch and her former wife, psychologist Dr. Lara Embry, recently finalized their divorce, and Dr. Embry is clearly the winner from the split.

In the property settlement, Dr. Embry was awarded a massive lump sum of $1.2 million, to be spaced out over a two-year period.

Additionally, she also gets a hefty  bounty from the rest of the property, including half of several bank and trust accounts (totaling $847,485), half of a 401k ($315,079), half of their $56 thousand tax refund, half of the proceeds from their Mulholland Tennis Club membership, as well as the totality of their L.A. Yacht Club membership, and half of all royalties that Lynch receives from her TV appearances.

Also, the cherry on top, Dr. Embry gets Francis, their dog.

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