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Kaley Cuoco Divorce: Wanna keep it all? Get a Prenup!

Cuoco Divorce Pre Nup $72 Million and… GIFT CERTIFICATES IS ALL HE GOT?!?

Celebrity divorces can be messy. With so much money on the line, most Hollywood A-listers have lengthy prenups written up long before their first date. Albeit it professional athletes, movie stars, or the children of the rich and famous, those in the spotlight are sure to make sure that their money doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Big Bang Star Kaley Cuoco is no exception. In 2013, the 30 year old actress married tennis superstar Ryan Sweeting. It didn’t take long for the relationship to become rocky. In early 2016, just 3 short years after their wedding, Cuoco filed for divorce.

Cuoco has been wildly successful in recent years. Having had major roles on The Big Bang Theory, Charmed, 8 Simple Rules, and a number of other hit movies and TV shows, Cuoco has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the entertainment world.

Having signed a Big Bang Theory contract that gave her $1,000,000 per episode for a staggering 72 episodes, Cuoco was smart enough to keep her small fortune on lockdown. Not only does Cuoco’s prenup give her all of the money, but also the couple’s two California homes. So, what, if anything, does Sweeting get? For the most part, nothing. Under Cuoco’s prenup, Sweeting takes home a meager $160,000. The best part? He gets to keep all of his gift certificates. Cuoco also agreed to cover the fee for his two personal trainers.

You may be thinking that Sweeting, as a professional tennis player, doesn’t need Cuoco’s money as he likely makes a significant living on his own. This, unfortunately, is not the case. According to an Inquisitr article, as of October 2014, Sweeting wasn’t having the best of success: “Kaley Cuoco’s husband has only earned a paltry $156 in prize money so far this year. Ryan Sweeting is a professional tennis player, but he’s no longer on the American Tennis Association’s list of ranked players. In 2011, he was No. 64 on the list.”

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