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Ludacris Wins Primary Care of Daughter

Child custody best divorce lawyer in NashvilleAfter going to court with the mother of his baby, Tamika Fuller, over the matter of who gets primary custody of their one-year-old daughter, the court has decided that yes, Ludacris is the most fit and proper parent to have primary care of their child.


The decision came after a contested battle in court, where Tamika struggled to bring the court to see that she was the better parent.  According to TMZ, Tamika testified that, after finding out she was pregnant, Ludacris stated that he didn’t want the baby, and that he even offered her $10,000 to get an abortion.


Additionally, Tamika’s child custody attorney quoted the lyrics of one of Ludacris’s songs, IDGAF, asking if it was about date rape, and if he would want his daughter to have an experience with a man like in the song.  Ludacris replied bluntly, stating, “if she wants to have a good time, then that’s her right as an adult.”


In the end, Ludacris and Tamika were awarded joint custody, but Ludacris was given the right to being the girl’s primary caregiver.


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