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Real Housewives of NYC Actor Car Accident Reminds Us: Click It or Pay For It

Whether you realize it or not, seat belts save lives. If a law enforcement officers pulls you over for not wearing a seat belt, he or she is not trying to hassle you. The officer is simply trying to save you from an injury or possible death. A former member of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York City” was knocked unconscious after being involved in a three-car collision on the FDR in New York City Friday. Jill Zarin, 51, was briefly taken to the hospital after losing consciousness, despite the car only going 30 miles per hour. The reality television star was reportedly not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. Luckily, Zarin is not suffering any life-threatening injuries — only back pain — and will be fine. Zarin was in a car service vehicle with her publicist on her way to Manhattan to promote her new movie “Night of the Wild,” which premiers Saturday on Syfy. There was no word on the conditions of the others involved.

If you learn anything from this, it is to wear your seat belt at all times.

Auto Accidents in Tennessee

If Zarin were to seek damages, it would be nearly impossible for her to lose the case since, as a passenger, she would have no responsibility for the wreck. Unlike ordinary auto accident claims, passengers have to make a claim against all drivers involved. One of the three drivers involved in Zarin’s accident would be liable to her injuries, and it is up to a jury to decide who is most responsible and would pay the claim. Sometimes, a jury finds all drivers equally at fault and assesses a percentage of how much each person plays the plaintiff. Rarely is there a situation when not one of the drivers can be deemed responsible. Several states allow a plaintiff to file a Personal Injury Protection or No Fault claim if no driver involved can be found at fault, but Tennessee is not one of them.

Hire Nashville Auto Accident Lawyers

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