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Rick Perry’s Lawyers Decry Indictment, Labeling it “Banana Republic Politics”

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Rick Perry’s team of lawyers recently previewed their intended plan to defend the Republican Texas governor from the criminal indictment alleging that he had abused his power by trying to remove a Democratic district attorney from office.

Houston trial lawyer Tony Buzbee declared that he will be leading Gov. Perry’s defense, denouncing the indictment by calling it “banana republic politics.”

The indictment placed two felony counts against Gov. Perry for allegedly improperly threatening to veto $7.5 million in funding for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit unless Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg resigned from her position.  The veto was announced in response to Ms. Lehmberg being arrested for drunk driving.

Buzbee, Gov. Perry’s attorney, declared that the indictment was a clear infringement on Gov. Perry’s right to free speech, arguing that it was completely in Gov. Perry’s right to speak out against an official he thought unfit for duty. The American government, Buzbee continued, is based upon the separation of governmental powers, and the veto was Gov. Perry’s rightful duty in his political office.

Washington, D.C. lawyer, Benjamin Ginsberg, who represented the George W. Bush campaign in 2000 and 2004 and is now part of Gov. Perry’s defense team, took the argument even further by saying that there was nothing wrong in the way the veto was carried out.  Gov. Perry’s communicating the intent of the veto was a clear example of government transparency, and it shouldn’t have been considered “a pejorative.”

Gov. Perry’s attorneys proclaimed that it is inappropriate for the completely transparent veto to be the subject of criminal prosecution.

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