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Silenced by a Gag Order, Nick Cannon Can’t Say Bunk About his Divorce with Mariah Carey

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Although the proceedings of the divorce between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey may be wrapped up and finished, we won’t be learning any more of the details from Nick himself. The superstar can’t say a thing about the divorce, or else face some serious consequences.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey separated back in May after rumours of Nick having an affair with Kim Kardashian didn’t sit well with Mariah. The two have been negotiating a property settlement and custody agreement during the months since then, and it looks like the arrangements are now “a done deal.”

Yet Nick isn’t allowed to say a word about the divorce, or else pony-up a hefty fee. He’s allowed to say they’re living separately, but anything else is a big no-no. The gag order even extends farther than official interviews, where, even if he’s approached on the street, he has to “take the 5th.”

Nick’s cavorting isn’t all that was bothering Mariah about the marriage, though. She also believed that he wasn’t at home enough to help nurture their children, instead spending most of his time taking on any job he could find.

The split has definitely caused heated emotions between the two, sparking many arguments and lots of backbiting. In the interest of helping the two move on, maybe the gag order wasn’t such a bad idea.

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