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Strangers Leap into Action to Save Passengers of Florida Car Crash

an suv flipped over in grass is looked upon by silhouettes of peopleThere’s a lot of bad stuff in the world. The news talks about it every day. We follow serial killer trials, we watch cellphone videos of cops shooting people, we listen while pundits and politicians preach consistent tidings of doomsday. For whatever reason, and there are plenty, it’s easy to forget about the good stuff.

An SUV flipped over on an interstate in Tampa, Florida on Saturday. Three people were inside, including a nine-year-old girl. That’s not “good stuff” by any stretch of the imagination, but this story gets better because dozens of strangers who witnessed the accident were determined to make it better.

What happened:

First the SUV blew one of its right tires and spun out of control. It swerved into the grass-covered median, crashed into a guardrail, and turned upside-down.

That’s when traffic stopped. Folks jogged over from their cars to help and realized that people were trapped under the SUV — the nine-year-old’s arm was sticking out in the grass. So they lifted the car. About fifty people worked together to get the three victims out from under the SUV, who were then taken to the hospital. The driver and passenger were sent home the next day and the nine-year-old girl’s condition was “fair.”

It’s uncertain whether they’d have survived without the help of those good samaritans, for whom the experience seems to have been understandably uplifiting. In the words of Dayna Gibson, one of the drivers who stopped to help flip the SUV:

“We achieved what would have been impossible by coming together. There were people from all walks of life there, it didn’t matter.”

It wasn’t a miracle that saved those people, it was just a bunch of strangers. And that’s way cooler.

Legal Representation for Car Accidents

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