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Sumner Co. Mother Tases Her Own Children

TaserDon’t Mess With Momma!

Pundits say parents today are starting to discipline their kids less and less. They apparently are not aware of Sumner County mother Jennifer Easley, who does not mess around when it comes to disciplining her two teenage sons. Easley, 41, used a stun gun to restrain her sons during a domestic abuse incident in their Millersville, Tennessee home. Police are charging Easley with two counts of child abuse, and Easley’s sister, Jacqueline Suttle, 38, who punched one of the sons in he mouth, is facing one count of domestic assault.

How It All Happened

The dispute arose as Easley refused to take her 16-year-old son to school the following morning and wanting him to ride the school bus. In frustration, the 16-year-old locked Easley in the laundry room. Suttle soon intervened, attempting to remove the 6-foot-3, 185-pound 16-year-old away from the laundry room and, while doing so, hit him the mouth. Once Easley was able to escape from the laundry room with her son no longer in the way, she grabbed her stun gun to use on the 16-year-old in an act of self defense. When Easley’s other son, 13, attempted to break up the altercation, she used the stun gun on him, as well. Though the 16-year-old son ignited the feud by being a spoiled brat, Easley should have never used a taser to subdue him. The 16-year-old is being charged with domestic violence and being an unruly child in the Sumner County Juvenile Court. I’m sure — or hope — if Easley could redo the altercation, she would have reacted differently.

Child Custody in Tennessee

Five other children were also inside the home during the dispute. Those five children, in addition to the 13- and 16-year-old, were removed from the house that night as officers called the Department of Children’s Services. As of Thursday, the seven were staying with family members. Since Tennessee courts in child custody cases are always looking for the best interests of minor children, it is possible Easley could have her seven kids taken away from her. When determining child custody issues in Tennessee courts, the judge does a comparative fitness test based upon a variety of custody criteria. The courts would then designate a Primary Residential Parent (PRP), which is the parent with “primary custody,” and a Alternate Residential Parent (ARP), which is the parent with “visitation.”

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