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The Child Custody Rights of the Non-Primary Parent

Child custody dispute in TennesseeSo you didn’t win the right to be your child’s primary caregiver in the child custody case.  It’s ok, it happens, it doesn’t mean that you will never see your child again.  As the non-primary parent, you are still granted legal rights which your ex-spouse may not impede.  Unless specifically prohibited by law, these rights include:


  • The ability to receive medical, health, or treatment records from your child’s physician or healthcare provider upon written request.
  • The ability to receive all records pertaining to the child’s school and education that are normally available to parents.
  • The ability to receive 48-hours notice of all extracurricular activities (including school, religious, and athletic activities) and have the opportunity to attend and participate where it is regularly allowed for parents to do so.
  • Access and participation in the child’s education that is normally allowed for parents and which does not interfere with regular day-to-day life.
  • Allowed to contact the child, including an unimpeded, reasonably lengthed telephone conversation at least twice a week, and the ability to send mail to your child without the other parent opening the mail.
  • Be notified as soon as practical (but within 24 hours) in the event of the child’s hospitalization, major illness, or death.
  • Receive an itinerary and emergency phone numbers from the other parent in the event that they leave the state with the child for more than two days.
  • Be free of any derogatory comments concerning you or your family by the other parent to or in the presence of the child.


While these are the rights allowed to the non-primary parent, if you feel that your current child custody situation is unfair, or if life events have changed your or your spouse’s current living situation, you might be entitled to winning back the rights of being the primary caregiver.


In this situation, it would be best to discuss your options with a child custody attorney and base your decision on their legal advice.  Our child custody attorneys are legal professionals who know the fullest extent of family laws in Tennessee, and they are ready and willing to represent you.


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