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Trace Adkins Finally Back On His Feet After Divorce and Rehab

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At the end of May, country star and NBC show “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” winner Trace Adkins announced that, after a difficult time of dealing with divorce and alcohol rehabilitation, he will be returning to the stage to sing once more.

During the first months of 2014, Adkins’s wife filed for divorce, citing the reason being irreconcilable differences. In March, Rhonda Adkins filed for divorce in Williamson County, seeking to end their 16-year marriage. She sought custody of their three children, whose ages were 9, 12, and 16. In addition to asking that Trace pay child support for the three children, Rhonda also asked for alimony and that he maintain his current life insurance plan which designated her as the sole beneficiary.

The divorce case only added to earlier problems. In January of 2014, trace entered a rehabilitation program for alcoholism in Florida after having been sober for 12 years. His father died only days later, adding to the ever heaping pile of misfortune.

But Trace says he won’t stay down, however. In a statement in late May, Trace said he was excited to get back to performing, and that he was thankful for all of the support and encouragement through the tough times. He refuses to let the troubling times of alcoholism and divorce keep him down.

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