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UCLA Punter Arrested For Sexual Assault…A Year Later

adam-searl-4The UCLA Bruins football team will have a reality television series based on them by the end of this season. The Los Angeles based college football program conveniently has more silly off-the-field drama than anyone else in the NCAA. In June, rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested for throwing a kettlebell at UCLA strength coach Sal Alosi after feeling Alosi disrespected his son. Fast forward four months later, and Adam Searl, the team’s punter, was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of sexually assaulting another UCLA student at an off-campus house party last year. Searl accompanied the woman to a residence nearby, where she fell asleep and woke up to him raping her. Searl was jailed on three counts of suspicion of rape. Hours later, he was released after posting the $300,000 bond. UCLA has indefinitely suspended Searl, a walk-on, as the investigation continues. His next court date is scheduled for Oct. 29. UCLA is 4-1 and has seven games remaining on its schedule this season. It is extremely unlikely Searl sees the field again in 2015.

Why the Wait?

Many on social media were up in arms about the arrest coming a year after the incident occurred. The alleged rape happened on Oct. 19 last year, and the arrest was made on Oct. 8. However, Los Angeles Police say the reason it took so long to arrest Searl was because the victim did not know who he was. Police called it “an exhaustive investigation” after going through countless photographs and other evidence to identify the suspect. Finally, she was able identify Searl.

Sexual Assault in Tennessee

There are various forms of rape, but since both involved are adults, the law is pretty black-and-white. If this were to occur in Tennessee, Searl would face an aggravated rape charge since the victim was incapacitated at the time. The penalty for an aggravated rape charge is a Class A Felony, which is 15-60 years in prison and a maximum fine of $50,000.

Hire Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorney

Sex crimes are not only serious but embarrassing, too. If you are being accused of a sex-related crime, you need a compassionate and qualified defense attorney on your side to clear you name without all the publicity that comes with it. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have over 20 years experience in dealing with sexual assault cases, and we work hard to investigate the charges and mount a legitimate defense for our clients because we understand what is at stake. Call our office or Request a Free Initial Consultation online today to speak with one of our well-trained attorneys.

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