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WWE Star Kevin Nash Arrested after Violent Altercation with Son

Nashville Criminal AssultEarly Christmas Eve morning, wrestling superstar Kevin Nash was arrested in Volusia County, FL, after officers responded to a domestic incident call. The incident, it turns out, was a bloody fight between Nash and his teenage son, Tristen.

Kevin, 55, was arrested because officers felt that the 6’10,” 277lb wrestler was the “main aggressor.”

Two hours later, however, police responded to another emergency call, this time to arrest Nash’s son, Tristen. The call was from Tristen’s uncle, who claimed Tristen had “slung his mom around the kitchen,” and tried attacking him as well.

According to the two police reports obtained by TMZ, Kevin claims Tristen was belligerently drunk, and had acted aggressively toward his mom and Kevin. Kevin’s report goes on to say Tristen spit in his face and elbow-checked him, and then Kevin pinned him to the ground, leading to Tristen scratching his face.

Tristen’s police report, however, claims that Kevin was berating him over his relationship with his girlfriend. Tristen continues by accusing Kevin of using his signature choke-slam on Tristen, causing him to hit his head so hard that he blacked out.

They are both currently being held in jail without bond. The WWE has since announced that Kevin is suspended until the domestic dispute is resolved.

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