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5 Tips for Getting a Divorce

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1.     Determine your Future Living Expenses and Ensure Your Future Income

This one is especially important to those who relied on their spouse to provide their household income.  You need to immediately have set numbers for how much you expect your future living expenses to cost so that you can be ready to ask for the alimony you need.  Additionally, you need to have life and disability insurance on your spouse (which you need to own and pay for) in case something happens to them after the divorce.


2. Copy all of your Records and Credit Applications

If possible, obtain copies of all of your financial records before even filing for divorce  Also, be sure to obtain copies of your past credit applications, especially joint applications.  Every record of financial data can be used to help your case, and the credit applications give good insight into your spouse’s financial status, as well.

3. Be Careful of Your Debts and Cancel Existing Joint Lines of Credit

Creditors won’t care that you’re going through a divorce, they are going to expect the money they are owed.  If your spouse fails to make payments on debts that were obtained in the names of both spouses, the debtors are going to come hunting for you.  Be sure to keep up with these, even after the divorce, as well as canceling any existing joint lines of credit.

4. Be Reasonable When Dividing Property, and Have it Handled Before Going to Court

While there are a lot of heated emotions attached to divorce, it does nobody any good to start petty fight over property.  When discussing the division of property with your spouse, keep level-headed and expect a bit of give and take.  Also, be sure to have this done before going to court, as many judges dislike having to rule the specifics of who-gets-what.

5. Have a Divorce Attorney on Your Side

This one is both useful as a safety net as well as preemptively ensuring you get the property you deserve.  Finding yourself in a contested divorce without an attorney representing you is a surefire way to lose a lot of property to your spouse.


If you have filed for divorce and now need legal representation, call us to speak with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.  We are here to ensure that you are given the property you deserve, so call us today and begin building your side of the divorce case.

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