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Historic Settlement in Billionaire Griffin Divorce

Ken-Griffin-Citadel (1)The divorce between billionaires Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin is one of the largest divorce settlements in the history of America, and, depending upon the court’s decision, it could lead to some extremely hefty monthly child support payments.

Last year, Ken filed for divorce from Anne, citing irreconcilable differences.  Since the very start, the divorce has been one heated battle.

During the divorce case, Anne has asked the judge to throw out her prenuptial agreement, which out only entitle her to a measly 1% of Ken’s estimated $5 billion estate, stating that she had signed it under duress, while Ken, expectedly, has argued against it.

The two are now duking it out over the proper amount for child support payments.  Anne is claiming their three children, ages 2, 4, and 7, need around $1 million in child support per month.  She lists the costs of raising the children, estimating around $14,000 in food, $2,000 in stationery, $160,000 for vacations, and $300,000 for a private jet.  Because, you know, infants who can’t even write need their jets.

Anne’s argument is that, according to Illinois law, children of a divorce are entitled to continuing the type of lifestyle they enjoyed during the marriage.  She claims that Ken is trying to shirk his responsibilities to the family, but Ken has, of course, rebutted that Anne only wants him to continue to fund her lavish lifestyle.

The marriage between the two included five homes, a household staff, constant security protection for their children, and two private airplanes.

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