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Attorney for Titans Player Declares Sexual Assault Allegations False

Experienced attorney NashvilleSammie Hill, 28-year-old defensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans, is facing sexual assault allegations that his defense attorney is calling false, claiming that she is blatantly extorting him for money.

Ed Garland, Hill’s defense attorney, recently issued a statement discussing the allegations, stating that the sexual encounter in question was completely consensual.  He has stated that he and Hill are fully cooperating with Atlanta police, and that he is also conducting his own investigations into the matter.

The allegations stem from a report on December 5th when the woman called Houston police, claiming that Hill had sexually assaulted her.  Atlanta police confirmed they were investigating the case, but have released no other information.  The woman’s identity remains unreleased, as The Associated Press does not reveal the identities of possible victims of sexual crimes.

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