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Chicago Trio Steal $20K from Middle TN Banks, Busted by Gallatin Cops

Criminal Defense NashvilleThree residents from Chicago, Illinois, used fraudulent debit cards to steal more than $20,000 from area banks in a matter of hours, but have since been busted by Gallatin police.

Autumn Green, Titus Long, Jr., and Breanna Joplin, all age 20, were arrested after attempting to get a fraudulent cash advance of $2,500 from the Fifth Third Bank on Nashville Pike in Gallatin.  This attempt came after an unsuccessful attempt to withdraw another fraudulent cash advance from the Fifth Third Bank in Hendersonville.

The three were using a clever trick gain the money: there were using cards which were printed with their names, but the magnetic strip held account data for someone else.  When they showed the tellers their ID, the names matched, and so it was a simple matter of getting the money and leaving.

The three were caught after a bank employee alerted authorities after recognizing the scam from similar reports by other Fifth Third Banks.  The authorities reported finding over $20,000 cash in the girls’ purses.

While authorities believe all of the victims to be from Tennessee, they are currently investigating further into the matter to be sure.

The three thieves have each been charged with three counts of identity theft and three counts of criminal simulation.  Additionally, Green has been charged with another count of criminal simulation and a count of attempted theft of services $1,000-$10,000.

The three are being held in Sumner County Jail, Green with a bond set at $70,000, Long’s set at $65,000, and Joplin’s bond set at $50,000.

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