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Attorney Seeking Dismissal in David Chase Domestic Violence Case

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The criminal defense attorney for David Chase, who is accused of twice abusing his ex-girlfriend in June, is seeking to have the judge dismiss the case entirely.  His reasoning: key evidence wasn’t properly collected by authorities.


David Chase, age 38, is on trial for being accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend twice last June when, after being initially arrested for charges of domestic assault, Chase was released early from jail rather than being held for the entire 12-hour “cooling off” period.  After being released, Chase is accused of going home and choking his ex-girlfriend until she became unconscious.


Chase’s criminal defense attorney, however, has asked the judge to drop the domestic violence charges entirely.  In the filing, Chase’s attorney is claiming that some key evidence in the case, including things from the victim’s cell phone, were not properly gathered by authorities or made available for the case.


Additionally, Chase’s attorney is asking that the case be transferred to a past judge who had previously been assigned to preside over the hearings.  Nashville Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier will hear this argument, along with other details of Chase’s case, on March 31.  The motion to dismiss the case will either go before Dozier or the previous judge on April 9.


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